What is keratin ?

Keratin is a fibrous protein that is a major component in skin, hair, nails, hooves, horns, and teeth. Keratin can help injured cells in our body to heal and grow.


What is Naturia Professional keratin treatment ?

Naturia Professional Keratin treatment is the only keratin treatment to both straighten your hair and promote hair growth.
It will restore and straighten curly, thick and damaged hair and is designed to improve hair nutrition. Your hair will be healthy, shiny, soft and straight.
How long before I can I wash my hair after the treatment ?

To get best results, we would recommend to wait 72 hours before shampooing.
What can I do if my hair get wet right after the treatment ?

If your hair get wet during a period of 3 days after the treatment, you should simply blow-dry your hair and flat iron on low heat as soon as you can.
Can I tie up my hair ?

We recommend to wait 72 hours to style hair.
Can I go to the swimming pool or the ocean ?

Yes but salt and chlorine will shorten the longevity of treatment results.
Should I use a specific shampoo after the treatment ?

You should use Naturia Professional sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners that are specially formulated to provide long lasting results.
How long will the results last?

Results may last depending on the person 5 to 6 months.
Can I repeat the treatment ?

The treatment can be repeated safely depending on the customer’s needs.
Can I cut my hair before the treatment ?

We would recommend to do the keratin treatment prior to cutting in order to perform haircut while this keratin rich formula penetrates deeply into strands.
What is the in salon steps for a keratin treatment ?

Your salon will use a clarifying shampoo to remove residue of previous hair care treatment and then blow-dried before the keratin treatment is applied, and then combed through for even coverage. Then your hair will be  be blow-dried again before the treatment is sealed using a flat iron.


How long will it take to receive my order?

Once shipped most domestic orders take anywhere from 2 to 10 business days to arrive depending on the efficiency of your local postal service. International shipping delivery times may vary between 2 and 12 weeks.
What is this store's return and exchange policy?

Returns or exchange, please contact our main sales line at (305)599.3832 M-F 9am to 5pm.
Do you accept orders placed outside of the US?

International orders accepted.
We ship same or next business day DHL/FedEx/UPS.
Can I order online?

Only hair professionals and distributors can order online.