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A provider of hair products for those seeking a different style

We believe we are in the beauty and fashion business combine. Our hair products offer a natural alternative for people who love to show off healthy looking hair, transmitting vibrant energy that opens up new paths and opportunities in their lives.

Our mission

Provide services and products with natural and organic ingredients with superior quality and value that improve the lives of professional hair stylists and their clients.


Weekly Keratin Treatments

in the USA alone, thousands of keratin treatments are performed by professional hair stylists every week.


Potential Extra Income

Providing hair straightening and smoothing services can serve as a lucrative source of additional income.

12 Months

Non seasonal service

All types of keratin treatments remain consistently in demand throughout the year, providing a continuous flow of customers.

Beauty Expo

Trusted by the top USA’s salons

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Our values

Healthy-looking hair becomes not just a style choice but a statement. Impress and inspire those around you.

Providing high-quality products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations.
Customer Satisfaction
Ensuring customers are happy with their products or services, addressing their concerns, and providing excellent customer service.
Diversity and Inclusion
Embracing diversity in both staff and customer base and ensuring that products and services cater to a wide range of needs.
Carbon Neutral and Sustainability
Committing to eco-friendly practices, such as using recyclable packaging and reducing environmental impact
Health and Safety
Prioritising the health and safety of customers by using safe ingredients and following industry regulations.
Providing customers with information and resources to make informed choices about beauty and hair care

Our team

We are immensely grateful for each member of our dedicated team, whose unwavering commitment to our mission and values keeps our brand thriving. Here's a sneak peek at the remarkable individuals behind our success.

  • Enrique Valdivieso


  • Equel Valdivieso


  • Raul Reyes

    Head Of Online Retail Sales

  • Yvone Sentay

    Head Of Partner and Channel Sales

  • Johana Seijas

    Head Of Diversity and Inclusion

  • Deposito

    Fulfillment And Logistic Director